ABPro Mobile is a tool for booking appointments with businesses running Soft Ventures' web application Appointment Booking Pro.


There are 2 types of settings; Common and Site Specific.

Common Settings

Your name, email and phone number are common settings. If you set these ABPro Mobile will automatically fill in your information in the booking screen. You can override the name, email and/or phone in the booking screen if you wish. All sites require a name, some also require your email and/or your phone number to make a booking.

Site Specific Settings

The use of login and/or site access code is up to the site administrator. Some sites with require neither.


Make a Booking

Touch the 'Make a Booking' button to start the booking process.

There are certain pieces of information required for all bookings:

Depending on how the site you are accessing is setup, you may first be required to select a category and or resource to book.

Optionally some sites require you to choose a service and fill in additional data or make option choices.

Once the booking screen is filled in you touch the 'Submit' button to initiate the booking request to the site.


List Your Bookings

The 'My Bookings' button will show you a list of bookings made via this device. It will not show bookings you made by other means (phone or via the web booking screen).